Marketing kit

We’re so happy you’ve joined us in making the world a happier (and crappier) place. Let’s let everyone know that you’re making an incredibly positive impact! Here are a few things you can download and pop in your shop, office or social media.
Just remember to tag us @whogivesacraptp, ok?
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Where's The Loo?

Search for the hidden toilet (and so much more) on our new limited edition, with 12 unique wrapper worlds to explore!
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Instagram tiles

WHERE'S THE LOOWhere's the Loo 2

Instagram tiles for retailers

Where's The Loo - RETAIL 1Where's the Loo Retailer 2Where's The Loo 3

Website and email slices

Where's the Loo email bannerWhere's the Loo email slice 2

Power to the Poopers!
Together, we're taking a stand against TP companies that are destroying the forests. Any good movement needs good artwork, so we've made a little something to help you spread the word to your community.
Instagram assets - click to download!
Sit down for what is right Wipe your bum, change the world Power to the Poopers
Campaign explainer for retailers - click to print!
Retailer 1 pager
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Power to the Poopers manifesto poster Power to the Poopers posterPower to the poopers stickers
Who Gives A Crap Wholesale sales presenter (to share with your team)

Who Gives A Crap wholesale sales presenter
Who Gives A Crap Instagram tiles to share with your customers!
(click to download)
WGAC_Shopify_Instagram_v1-01.pngWGAC_Instagram_v1-02.pngWGAC Instagram Tile 3  Who Gives A Crap Charity Donation
Who Gives A Crap printable A3 posters (click to download)
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